Flourish Planning Meeting, this Wednesday, 2012-02-01 5:30 P.M. at the CS Lounge

Meeting for the Flourish Open Source Conference will occur this
Wednesday, February 1st, at the UIC Computer Science lounge (SELE
2260) at 5:30 P.M.

Do get involved and help us make it something awesome or new or
anything cool (and relevant) you can come up with. Check out the
website here: http://www.flourishconf.com

For directions to SELE 2260, please visit the UIC Mega Pathfinder:
http://acm.cs.uic.edu/cgi-bin/pathfinder.cgi. We are on 950 S Halsted,
Chicago, IL

Trouble accessing the building? Call (312) 996-5947

The conference itself is approaching in a few months, so do expect an
extensive discussion about where we would like help, and what's the
status so far for the correspondences we've had. Also, very helpful
suggestions have popped up on the Flourish list, so come aboard, bring
everything concerning you and Flourish, and hopefully something could
get smoothed out by conference time.

ACM presents EPIC Information Session


Overachievers welcome! Programmers & Engineers

Join UIC alumni and EPIC Developers for snacks and career information

Vikas Chowdhry (UIC MS CS Class of 2003)
Matteo Verzola (UIC MS CS Class of 2007)

Student Center East (SCE) -Cardinal Room (rm. 329)
4pm- 6pm

Food will be provided

SOPA Awareness

As you may now know several website have gone offline in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act, poorly constructed legislation that would grant US buisnesses the power to take down ANY website they feel is infringing on their copyright. The poor wording of the bill potentially brings  any website that hosts ANY user content at risk of being taken down, including Youtube and Twitter. To learn more click the link, and please sign the petition.


Welcome Back, Meeting this Thursday

Welcome back for the spring semester, we will be having an ACM Special Event this Thursday, 01/12/2012. We will bring forth our SIG leaders and have them talk about their projects and what they'll be doing this semester. In addition to that, we will have a networking event after the presentations.

Food and drink will be provided.

Location: SEO 1000

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM.

After the networking portion of the meeting we will be handling some ACM business. The ACM needs a new secretary to finish up the Fall 2011/Spring
2012 term. The current secretary, Allie, will no longer be at UIC this
semester so we are going to hold an election during the business portion
of the Thursday meeting mentioned earlier. The duties of the ACM secretary
are detailed in the ACM bylaws, http://acm.cs.uic.edu/bylaws, and can be
summarized as such:
- Keep meeting minutes
- Sending out certain notification
- Participating in general ACM business and decisions
Anyone interested in running for the position will be required to go to
the meeting and state their intent to run. After that there will be a
popular vote will be taken amongst the members present than the Executive
Council will elect the new secretary. The only requirement for running is
being a paid ACM member, which can be taken care of at the meeting or in
the immediate future.

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