SIG SysAdmin Meeting Updates

So I got some feedback that puts the desired regular meeting day Mon-Wen. Since I still would like to do something this week as well, I've come up with a compromise.

The first official meeting will be next week Tuesday, the 17th, at 5:15pm, everyone should meet at the ACM Office in SELE 2262 and we'll take things from there. Note: this meeting schedule is not yet permanent

That said and since I would like to have something done this week, I will be in the office on Friday at 4:30pm and anyone interested on getting a head start can come, get most of the introductory information (so what will probably be most of the offical first meeting), and get started with the first few intro tasks.

Reminder: No prior experience is needed, but you do need to have a valid ACM account.

-Walter Dworak
ACM Sysadmin