SIG Leaders Update

Tony had sent out an email a couple weeks ago to see who was currently leading SIG's and this is a follow up to that. I am working to make sure all the SIG leaders have access to edit their pages on the website and access to add events to the ACM calendar.

So far this is the list I have:
SIG Build: Andrew Sennebogen
SIG Fun: Ashley Riley
SIG Fun: Alex Slawniak
SIG Web: Chase Lee
SIG Code: Ian Swift
SIG Game: Jonathan Levy
SIG Game: Sunil Rao

Everyone listed should have access to update their web pages. If you are not on this list OR are and need access to add events to the ACM calendar, please email me with your SIG information, ACM account name, and the email address you would like given access to the ACM calendar.

Walter Dworak

ACM SysAdmin