SIG SysAdmin


Weekday: Mondays

Time: 4:00 PM

Location: ACM Office, SELE 2264

Leaders: Chase Lee

Meeting Agendas and Old Announcements: Here


SIG SysAdmin is the system administration special interest group, the Spring 2012 semester was the first time it opened up to have general meetings. It's continuing goal is the maintenance, improvement, and expansion of the ACM network and systems; this includes the several ACM workstation, servers, and networking equipment, website administration also usually falls under the duty of the ACM Sysadmins. SIG SysAdmin is primarily Linux focused, but those seeking to further their knowledge of Enterprise Windows systems are encouraged to do so. People of all knowledge levels are welcome and are encouraged to explore the ACM wiki and website in general for more information. UIC ACM membership is required to access the ACM systems

Visit the SIG page on the ACM Wiki for a list of tasks and projects. Members that wish to contibute to the SIG will need to log in to the ACM Kanboard system so their account can be given access to the SIG project boards.

System Admins

  • Walter Dworak
  • Chase Lee


Email us:      sigsysadmin AT

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Additional Resources

ACM Wiki   Note: many specific details on the wiki may now be out of date, but you can help by updating them!

SIGSysAdmin Wiki Page

FALL 2017 Notes

9/19/2017 - Welcome to SIGSysAdmin

9/25/2017 - Physical Networking

10/02/2017 - Terminal Usage for Beginners

10/09/2017 - Virtual Machines

10/16/2017 - Security Practice

10/23/2017 - DIY Server Setup

10/30/2017 - Linux Command Exploration

11/6/2017 - Docker

11/13/2017 - Docker (Continued)

11/20/2017 - Cancelled due to Power Outage (Happy Thanksgiving Holiday)

11/27/2017 - {network, internet} foundations (Part 1)

12/4/2017 - {network, internet} foundations (Continued)




FALL 2016 Notes

9/16/2016 - LUG GBM / Introduction to SIGSysAdmin

9/21/2016 - ENGR 100 / Introductions to SysAdmin

9/28/2016 - ENGR 100 / Introductions to SysAdmin

10/5/2016 - ENGR 100 / Introductions to SysAdmin

10/19/2016 - Wire Crimping CAT5/6

10/26/2016 - IPTables

11/9/2016 - Docker

11/16/2016 - Dockerfiles

11/23/2016 - Active Directory


SPRING 2017 Notes

01/30/2017 - Bash Scripting

02/06/2017 - Servers Galore!

02/20/2017 - Effective Terminal Usage

02/27/2017 - SystemD

03/07/2017 - Virtualization

03/27/2017 - Network File Shares

04/10/2017 - Remote Management

04/17/2017 - System Hardening

04/24/2017 - Jeopardy SIGSysAdmin Review 

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