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 ====== ACM Logo Archives ====== ====== ACM Logo Archives ======
 +===== 2017 =====
 +Due to a notice from National ACM, we have to modify the current logo to denote that we are a chapter, and not the national ACM.  This logo was modified by Chase Lee, ACM/LUG Systems Administrator 2016-2017.
 +The logo itself is not using a formalized font. The subheading are using Bitstream Vera Sans Bold and the Offical UIC logo font.
 +{{:​logos:​website-logo-replacement-2017.png?​200 | }}
 +**Color Specs:** \\ 
 +''​Red Color Value(RGB): #​d90000''​ \\ 
 +''​Background Color Value(RGB): transparent''​ \\ 
 +''​Font Used for "​Chapter":​ Bitstream Vera Sans Bold''​ \\
 +''​Font Used for "​@UIC":​ [[http://​​uic-fonts/​|Theinhardt]]''​ \\
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