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Printer Info

Model: HP LaserJet 4350dn (duplex unit installed) Hostname: printer.acm.cs



* Make sure the HP Linux printer drivers are installed, refer to your distributions documentation for further help 
* Go to the [[|CUPs]] web interface and, under the "Administration" tab, click "Add Printer" 
* Select "LPD/LPR Host or Printer" and click "Continue" 
* For "Connection" enter: "socket://printer.acm.cs"
* Fill out the Name, Description, and Location as per user preference (these options to not affect printing)
* Select the recommended driver for the HP LaserJet 4350
* On the next config make sure that you specify the Duplex Unit is installed and the printer memory is set as close to "512MB" as allowed
* The printer should now be installed, send a test page to confirm


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