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-====== ​Service Details ​======+====== ​Gitlab ​======
-===== File Locations ​=====+===== Service Details ​=====
-====== Administration ======+==== File Locations ​====
-===== Updating ​=====+The files for the entire system are located in "/​var/​git"​ 
 +This is mounted remotely, view the fstab for the gitlab host for info 
 +The files for the gitlab site are located in "/​var/​git/​gitlab"​ 
 +All of these locations are only accessible via the git user. For more information about the directory structure, please review the official Gitlab documentation. 
 +===== Administration ​===== 
 +==== Updating ​====
 **Always preform updates in strictly increasing version order** **Always preform updates in strictly increasing version order**
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