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Current Location: SELE 2266


This is a server donated by Bharat in memory of our previous admin, Chase Lee.

Hardware Configuration

  • Machine Model: Dell R710|NA
  • CPU
    • Model: Intel Xeon X5660
    • Cores: 64
    • Clock Speed: 2.8 Ghz
  • Mainboard
    • Model: Dell 00NH4P A12
  • Memory
    • Type: DDR 3
    • Capacity: 64 GB
  • Storage
    • Local
      • Main Drive: RAID6 ~557GB
    • Network Shares
      • Main Network Share: chase.acm.cs
  • Networking
    • IP:
    • DNS Name: chase.acm.cs
    • Link Speed: 1Gb/s x 4 Bonded

Configuration Notes

  • ACM Logins have been setup.

@@Notes|No Notes@@


Libvirt has been installed.

Document tss TPM setup.

Document pool setup.

Document policy kit setup.

Document traffic routing setup.

Document openbsd-netcat dependency.

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