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-ACM Linux Servers+====== ​ACM Linux Servers ​====== 
 +<nspages -title -exclude:​[start machine_template]>​ 
 +===== Add New Server ===== 
 +action ​  ​template templates:​machine_template "​linux:​servers:​@@Machine Name@@"​ 
 +static "​Please enter a few basic required details to create a new server page"​ 
 +fieldset "​Create New Machine Page"​ 
 +textbox "​Machine Name"​ 
 +textbox "​Location"​ 
 +textbox "​Machine Model"​! 
 +textbox "CPU Model"​! 
 +select "CPU Core Count" "​1|2|3|4|6|8|16|32|64|128"​ 
 +textbox "CPU Clock Speed"​! 
 +textbox "​Mainboard Model"​! 
 +textbox "​Memory Type"​! 
 +textbox "​Memory Amount"​! 
 +textbox "Main HDD Details"​! 
 +textbox "​Network Share Name"!  
 +textbox "IP Address"​! 
 +textbox "Link Speed"​!  
 +textarea "Enter a short description"​ 
 +textarea "​Configuration Notes" ! 
 +fieldset "​Create"​ 
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