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-====== Info ====== 
-  * **Arch VM** 
-      * brink.cs.uic.ecu 
-      * 
-  * **Ubuntu VM**  
-      * 
-      * 
-For now all traffic to those IPs is being forwarded, but there is a good chance I'll be limiting the ports to SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS. ​ If that happens you will need to let me know if an additional port needs to be opened to test out whatever project on the public IPs. 
-====== Description ====== 
-This VM server is the open root server for SIG SysAdmin, where members of the SIG can play around, learn, and work on projects without worrying about messing up a working mission critical server. All files on the server should be backed up elsewhere is important as this server could get wiped at any time or made inoperable without an OS re-installation. Those who want access should join the SIG and request access. An ACM account is needed. The initial setup is minimal so further setup might be needed to make some basic functions work. Additional information about the ACM network or further access to some systems may be needed for some projects, ask an Admin if you need it, integration of one system into or with another is an important skill to learn. 
-====== Current Projects ====== 
-  * Flourish Conference LDAP Implementation Testing [Waiting] ~clee231~ 
-  * A better Web Email Client for the ACM [A work in Progress] ~clee231~ 
-  * A better UI for Library checkout? [Waiting] ~clee231~ 
-====== Sample Project Ideas ====== 
-  * Email Server with IMAP/SMTP and a web client 
-  * An OpenVPN server 
-  * VOIP Server (A more advanced project for more serious members) 
-  * Setup a Wiki 
-  * Do a Druapl 6 to 7 migration with the ACM website as a test (Will need a database and file copy of the site) 
-  * MAC Filtering Firewall (Should only be done on the external interface) 
-  * Print Server with Samba and CUPS that can push drivers 
-  * Mumble server 
-  * DNS Server with A, PTR, and SRV records 
-  * OpenLDAP Server 
-  * WebDAV Server 
-====== Finished Projects ====== 
-  * Dynamic Message of the Day ~clee231~ 
-====== Status/​Issues ====== 
-  * Dynamic Message of the Day added to brink on October 10, 2012 ~clee231~ 
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