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 Download the following file Download the following file
-{{ :​network:​ |VPN Zipped Files}}+{{ :network:uic-acm-vpn.ovpn ACM OVPN file}}
 +  - Unzip the files which creates a "​ACM-VPN-Files"​ folder
   - Then in Viscosity go to Preferences ​   - Then in Viscosity go to Preferences ​
   - Hit the [+] to add a new connection ​   - Hit the [+] to add a new connection ​
   - Import Connection... ​   - Import Connection... ​
   - From File    - From File 
-  - Select the ovpn file you downloaded.+  - Select the UIC-ACM-VPN.ovpn file from the extracted files
 It should say  It should say 
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