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-====== ​Connecting to ACM Wireless ======+====== ACM Wireless ======
-<WRAP left round important ​50%> +<WRAP left round important ​65%> 
-Make sure your wireless MAC has been [[:​mac_address_filtering|registered on the ACM network]]+Make sure your wireless MAC has been [[network:​mac_address_filtering|registered on the ACM network]]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +This page explains how ACM members, and authorized guests, can setup access to the ACM's internal WiFi network. This network shares similar properties as the LAN network, but is located on a different subnet. If you are trying to add wireless access for an device owned and managed by the ACM, please instead reference to [[network:​wireless_for_acm_machines|this page]] as the procedures are not identical. ​
 ---- ----
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   - Enter your ACM username and password   - Enter your ACM username and password
   - Connect   - Connect
 +===== Game Consoles =====
 +Many game consoles do not support enterprise authentication methods. As a result, these consoles must use consumer authentication methods. This method still requires you to be registered on the ACM network. These methods have been tested on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. 
 +You will need to enter manual WiFi setup on your respective console.
 +  * Name: ACM-3DS ​
 +  * SSID: ACM-Hidden  ​
 +  * Security: WPA2-PSK (AES)  ​
 +  * Password: <Please ask a sysadmin, in-person>  ​
 ===== Linux ===== ===== Linux =====
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