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 ===== Procedure ===== ===== Procedure =====
 +  - Following the instructions from the [[network:​mac_address_filtering|white-list page]], add the device MAC address with the user set to "​acm"​
 +  - Configure the device to connect to the hidden wireless network "​ACMHidden"​
 +  - Configure the device security settings as "​WPA2",​ **not** Enterprise, and get the current shared password from an [[:​admins|ACM admin]]
 +  - The device should now be able to get an IP address from the network and have internet access
 +===== Admin Notes =====
 +  * We currently do not have documented support for giving ACM wireless devices static DHCP allocations. ​
 +  * Currently, the wireless network does not support dynamic DNS. If a hostname is needed for the device on the wireless network, a static IP must be setup first, then a DNS entry can be added to the DNS zone for the wireless network. ​
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