Reflections Projections Update

Hi everyone, 

with R|P coming up in about a month, we need to start getting a more definite tally of how many people are going. The goal is 60 definite people, but we need an accurate count ASAP. This is a brand new form so even if you filled the one before out, please redo it again this time. The old one was for budget purposes, this one is the definite list of people going. 
The deadline for this confirmation is ON SEPTEMBER 13, so please fill this form out as soon as you read this. If you aren't on this list by that time, then you won't be able to ride down or stay in the hotels with us (but you can still go if you have your own means of transportation and a place to stay).
So again, please fill this out IMMEDIATELY, it is only 4 simple questions. Here is the link:
Remember, the date for the conference is October 11th through 13th. Any questions please feel free to contact me.
Tom Phillips

Fall Return LAN Party

So yes, School year is starting and I know some people have been itching for one of these. As celebration, there will be a LAN Party in the ACM area (SEL 2262).

WHEN: 08-31-2013. Setup starts at 12pm

I would like to have some tournaments as I plan on grabbing some prizes (probably not any huge ones, but prizes nonetheless). There will be tournaments, if you have any ideas, e-mail me

There is no entrance fee, since that was used for pizza money and this time around it's going to be fend for yourself in terms of food.

Also, I really want to get a high turn-out so that in the future we can have a sponsored LAN Party, so invite your friends along!

If you plan on coming, please sign up at

Welcome back!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to take a minute and on behalf of all of the ACM officers welcome everyone back to UIC!

Just a few things I want to cover, I'll try to keep it short.

First, the tunnel is closed for the time being apparently and so is the New lounge. But the primary CS lounge and new computer lab is open, as well as the ACM office itself.

Secondly, a few people were asking about certain office policies. The two I'll go ahead and mention right now are gaming and soda. As far as gaming goes, we are going to try and not restrict the hours and see how that goes. The expectation is that the volume of office is kept to a minimum level of disruption. If things get out of hand then we will readdress the issue. The ACM workstations are meant to be priority work and not gaming particularly during the day. Let's all try to be reasonable with this.

The second thing is our soda policy. Last semester I had to hunt people down and even pay off some debts from my own pocket. So the update is this... We are allowing a CREDIT SYSTEM only! You may put money into the bucket and add chalk marks for how much soda credit you have, but you may NOT go negative. The board is currently not cleaned for it so I'll get to setting that up later today. Any questions about these two things go ahead and talk to us.

Third and lastly for now, it's cool that you guys eat lunch and bring whatever to ACM, but I really must stress PICKING UP AFTER YOUR SELF. Be conscious of your garbage and make sure it is disposed of appropriately, this goes for the fridge as well. If we all cooperate on maintaining the area then we won't need to worry on massive clean ups.

Those are really the big things off the top of my head. Welcome back and let's try and have a really strong semester and focus on improving the ACM image to the department, our fellow students, and the other Engineering student organizations. Again, any questions feel free to ask any of the officers or get in touch with me personally. I'm always available to talk.

Tom Phillips
ACM President

PS - unless I am mistaken, our first meeting is next Thursday September 5th at 5:30pm in SEO 1000.

Stump the Profs Spring 2013 and ACM Officer Elections

Hi everyone, ACM is helping organize Stump the Profs this year! It will be next Thursday, April 18th, at 3pm til about 5-5:30pm in SEO 1000. (This event will be immediately followed by ACM Elections!

Please RSVP using this link:
If you have questions you want to submit please use this link:
See you all Thursday,
Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

Elections update

So far only 2 people are signed up. If you are interested in running please fill in this form! You have until this Wednesday! (I think our plan is to post the results of this form after the form has closed).


Additional info you may need includes preparing a speech (just a few minutes should be fine) about how you have been involved in ACM and how being elected would help benefit ACM. The general format for elections is we call up the candidates for a specific position, they give their speech, the audience will ask questions and candidates will answer. After that, the candidates step outside while the audience discusses any additional comments (good or bad) then vote. Generally elections are one of our LONGER meetings, ideally I would like to spend 2 hours MAX after Stump the Profs (30 minutes for each position).

Reading the by-laws is definitely a good thing to do. Keep in mind you need to be a National ACM Member in order to be an officer (if you aren't you can still run, but if elected you MUST sign up). Also, only current ACM@UIC Chapter Members will be eligible to vote. There will be a check-in the day of elections and if you want to vote still we will be taking membership dues the day of as well.

And just to address it, since some people seem to distrust my methods, I will not be mediating elections, Walter has volunteered to be mediator since he will not be running this year. I just got the initial form and email out the door. That being said, Walter also has access to the responses and is monitoring them.

Lastly, a follow-up meeting regarding committees is likely to happen, but not this Thursday.

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