Elections update

So far only 2 people are signed up. If you are interested in running please fill in this form! You have until this Wednesday! (I think our plan is to post the results of this form after the form has closed).



Additional info you may need includes preparing a speech (just a few minutes should be fine) about how you have been involved in ACM and how being elected would help benefit ACM. The general format for elections is we call up the candidates for a specific position, they give their speech, the audience will ask questions and candidates will answer. After that, the candidates step outside while the audience discusses any additional comments (good or bad) then vote. Generally elections are one of our LONGER meetings, ideally I would like to spend 2 hours MAX after Stump the Profs (30 minutes for each position).

Reading the by-laws is definitely a good thing to do. Keep in mind you need to be a National ACM Member in order to be an officer (if you aren't you can still run, but if elected you MUST sign up). Also, only current ACM@UIC Chapter Members will be eligible to vote. There will be a check-in the day of elections and if you want to vote still we will be taking membership dues the day of as well.

And just to address it, since some people seem to distrust my methods, I will not be mediating elections, Walter has volunteered to be mediator since he will not be running this year. I just got the initial form and email out the door. That being said, Walter also has access to the responses and is monitoring them.

Lastly, a follow-up meeting regarding committees is likely to happen, but not this Thursday.

Stump the Profs & Officer Elections

ACM Officer Elections are next Thursday at 5:30pm after stump the profs! Show up if you are interested in running and remember, only paid members can vote!


ACM is helping organize Stump the Profs this year. It will be Thursday April 18th, 3-5:30pm in SEO 1000! Make sure you RSVP so we know how much food to get and if you have any good questions to submit them! We want this year to be a good one!


Submit questions:

If there are issues with the forms or any other questions just let me know!

Flourish! 2013 Conference coming up this weekend

Hi all, As you may or may not know, the annual Flourish! 2013 conference is coming up this weekend. There will be speakers, food and free stuff so make sure to register online and show up for some exciting open-source information.


Registration link: http://flourishconf.com/2013/register.php


See you all this weekend,

Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

ACM LAN Party 2013 3 23

Where: UIC ACM
When: Saturday March 23, 2013, 12:00pm

So, spring break is coming, and people have been wanting a LAN party.
So, Friday March 22nd is when initial setup will be, I will be attempting to hold a movie night and then we will do some setup.
It officially starts the following day, Saturday March 23rd.

As always sign-up at acmlanparty.com and take a seat. Attendees have been wiped since last time, so even if you signed-up last time you gotta do it again. Entry fee is $10, unless you sign up beforehand, then it is $5.


Meeting Minutes 1/31/13

Hi again everyone,

This past Thursday, Eugene Kania from CA Technologies came and talked to us about Mainframe computer systems and job prospects in the field of mainframe management.

The presentation was extremely informative and if you missed it or would like to know more about CA Tech, or get in contact with Eugene, see the links and contact info below:


  •  http://www.ca.com/us/mainframe-scholarship.aspx


  •  http://www.ca.com/us/mainframe-academy.aspx
  • Contact Info: eugene.kania@gmail.com
The ACM is also having another talk this week, information about the talk will be proved later in the week.
Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

09-02-13 LAN Party

Alright, people have been asking me when the next one will be, so here we go!

Where: ACM Office and surrounding rooms
When: Saturday February 9, 2013. Setup starts at Noon

As per usual, movie night will happen the Friday before it with initial setup either being before or after the movie. Sign-up at acmlanparty.com so that you will only need to pay $5 rather $10 for food.

ACM Meeting Tonight! (1/31/13)

Hi everyone!

The ACM is having a meeting tonight, but instead of a general meeting, where we go over what has been going on with our various SIGs, we are having a guest speaker give a presentation tonight!

The meeting tonight at 5:30pm in SEO1000

See you tonight,

Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

ACM General Meeting MInutes 1/17/13

Meeting Minutes 1/17/13

JOIN LISTSERV: https://acm.cs.uic.edu/listsignup

SIG (Special Interest Group) and Program Updates -

  • SIG Build - Monitor Wall project; meeting time TBA
  • SIG Code - Random and/or interesting coding ideas or projects; meeting time: TBA
  • SIG Game - Project Hack and Slash, a 2D, top down view close combat game; meeting time: TBA
  • SIG Sysadmin - Self project driven, teaching members about the ACM servers and systems; Meeting Time: TBA
  • SIG Fun - LAN parties, movie nights; Movie Night: Fridays around 5pm, LAN parties: TBA

Mike Berg, ACM Secretary

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