ACM Officer Elections

Hello Everyone,

As you might already know, this Thursday 4/12/2012, ACM will be holding its elections for the 2012-2013 year! The elections will be held in SEO 1000 at 5:30p.m. and should last for about 30-45 minutes.
Everyone can attend and give input, but only current ACM members will have the option of voting for President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Good Luck to all of the candidates and see you all on Thursday!

ACM Secretary

Network Changes

Due to some network changes, the MAC address whitelist has been cleared out. This means that some people that had access to the ACM network no longer do. We are working on getting valid entries re-added to the new whitelist, but it is possible your machines entry will be missed or not added due to the reason listed below. 

As part of a new policy only ACM members will get access to the ACM network, as machine registration is now directly linked to your ACM account. Guests will retain the ability to gain access temporarily for events or other special purposes. Registration is done in person at the ACM office.

For some good news, the ACM now has a wireless network for members use. Members with registered devices will be able to access the network using their ACM account name and password. Platform specific instructions are located at

Walter Dworak

Flourish! 2012: Register now for Chicago's 6th annual Open Source conference


*From March 30th-31st, Free Technology Conference Brings Sixth Year of
Insightful Talks and Hands-on Workshops about Open-source Software,
Technology, and Culture*


An annual gathering of, for, and by enthusiasts of open-source software,
technology, and culture, taking place at the University of Illinois at


Flourish! 2012 Speakers include:
- Brian Fitzpatrick, Engineering Manager at Google, on Data Liberation
- Bryen M. Yunashko, a prominent voice of accessibility, on the
openSUSE project
- Chris McAvoy, Product Lead at Mozilla's Open Badges project
- Meg Ford, member of the GNOME foundation, on GNOME outreach efforts
and opportunities to contribute to the project
- Jason Huggins, co-founder of SauceLabs, on extreme mobile
testing...with robots!
- Phil Gomes, Senior VP at Edelman, addressing the outcome of
corporate involvement in engaging Wikipedia
- Julie Samuels, Staff Attorney at EFF
...and more on our speakers page:

(Click through for more of the announcement, after the jump)


Get some hands-on experience with soldering and electronics at our
Beginner's Arduino Workshop. For the first time, Flourish! Conference
has partnered with Pumping Station: One(
to provide a workshop to learn how to program Arduino chips. Arduino
has been used to create some cool projects ranging from a miniature
pocket piano to an RGB combination door lock!


March 30th - 31st, 2012
March 30th, Afternoon Program
Reception 12:30pm-1:00pm
Keynotes start 1:00 pm

March 31st, Day-Long Program
Morning Reception 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Conference starts 10:00 am
Android Workshop starts 1:00 pm

Tentative schedule posted here:


UIC Student Center East
750 South Halsted Street
Chicago, IL


Flourish! is organized by the Computer Science department of the University
of Illinois at Chicago's (UIC's) College of Engineering, as well as the
University's Linux user group and chapter of the Association of Computing
Machinery (ACM). The conference is sponsored in part by, Google, Linux
Journal, Linux Pro Magazine, Spantree Technology Group, Orbitz, and Dotomi.


Registration is free at


If you would like to become a part of us financially, we would be
delighted. Sponsorship has helped us quite a bit in the past with
providing attendees more interactive pieces to the conference, like
social networking events, workshops, and other mini-events.

Do check out the sponsorship page here for more about what could be
possible with any help in this vein:


Join us on Facebook at

as well as Google Plus:

Conference updates and conversation-starters on Twitter at

Spring Break LAN Party && ++LAN % 4.0 Announcements

The next two LAN Parties we are having are 3/16 after movie night and the sponsored LAN party will be the Friday of Finals week (5/4).

If you aren't registered, please do! Seating will not matter for the Spring Break LAN party but WILL be enforced for the ++LAN.

ALSO -- Collin will be handling Movie Night this Friday the 9th, the movie will be Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

SSL Certificate Change

The SSL certificate for has changed from a self signed cert to one issued by a CA created for the ACM. You will receive a warning about an unknown CA if you try to access secure site content, this is  normal and it is safe to allow the exception in you web browser.

ACM General Meeting - 03/01/2012

Roundarch – Behind the scenes with Dave Meeker

Come enjoy a stimulating discussion with industry visionary Dave Meeker as he shares insights into a typical day at Roundarch.

Find out about the challenges our clients depend on us to resolve -- everything from creating multi-channel experiences for the world’s largest organizations to selecting leading edge technologies and methodologies to ensure our projects succeed.

Discover how a rapidly rising digital agency like Roundarch manages growth and expansion plans. And for some real excitement, get a peek at our ground breaking Roundarch Labs work.

Dave will leave plenty of time for Q&A so make sure you’re there to partake in some thought-provoking dialogue with this cutting edge leader in the digital space.

SEO 1000
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Free food and drink!

ACM Meeting This Thursday - Dotomi; Cassandra talk

The ACM will be hosting a meeting this Thursday featuring dotomi.

- Dotomi will present a resume building workshop at 4:30pm

- Andy from dotomi will present a Tech Talk starting at 5:30pm Topic: Cassandra / Day in the life of a SW Engineer.

Location: SEL 2254
Date: 02/23/2012
Time: 4:30 - 7:00 pm
Free food and drink will be provided.

About dotomi: Dotomi keeps marketers in close contact with consumers. The company's Remarketing and Adtopia products use advanced analytics to identify consumer behaviors in order to help retain and acquire them. Dotomi uses past purchase behavior, online site activity, and demographic information to personalize display advertising for each consumer. Customers include some of the top online retailers and travel aggregators. It also serves clients in the electronics, entertainment, and real estate markets. CTO Yair Goldfinger, creator of ICQ, a form of instant messaging, founded the company in 2003. In mid-2011, Dotomi was acquired by digital marketing giant ValueClick.

Forever Alone LAN Party 2/18

'Tis that time of the year again mateys.

Where: ACM...... LAN PARTY.
When: Saturday, February 18th @ Noon
Why: *Because we can

Extra details:

We will be setting up BEFORE movie night so we get it out of the way. Anyone who can help it shall be appreciated. I don't know the movie yet so don't ask, I'll announce it later.

It has been an issue previously and it is common knowledge that the CS area is passively ACM responsibility.
I am nobody's mother so please don't make me pick up after you. If I have to, I reserve the right to prohibit further participation of SIG-FUN events.

Also, I didn't wipe the list of previous registered users, however I did reset seating. If you were previously registered, I recommend you double check and pick a seat!
Register/seating is found at

Remember, pre-registering to the event will mean a $5 attendance fee (the fee goes to pizza, as usual). I was lenient about this in the past, but if I print the sheet of attendees and you are not on the list, you'll be forced to pay $10.

Thanks and see you all next weekend! If I forgot anything just say so!

*This LAN party is themed "Forever Alone", and secretly that is the reason why we are doing it, cause it is after Valentine's Day. United, we shall wallow.

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