Meeting 11/10/2011

The ACM will be hosting a meeting on 11/10/2011 with Eric Hansen and Alex
Thaler, they will be talking about Orbitz's Streaming Air results and the
technologies behind it

About Orbitz Worldwide:

Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. is a global online travel company that uses
technology to enable leisure and business travelers to search for and book
a range of travel products and services. The Company provides customers
with the ability to book a set of travel products and services from
suppliers worldwide, including air travel, hotels, vacation packages, car
rentals, cruises, travel insurance and destination services, such as ground
transportation, event tickets and tours.

Location: SEO 1000
Time: 5:30 - 7:00 PM
Food & Drink Will be provided!

Hope to see you there

Modification to the Meeting time of the Minecraft Modification Meeting

Modification to the Meeting time of the Minecraft Modification Meeting.

We will now be meeting at 5:00pm instead of 4:00pm.  We are still
meeting in SEO 1000

I'll admit it, using minecraft as a mod target was kind of gimmick, I
wanted to code in a group, and it was my "hook" to get people
interested.  It turns out that it actually works pretty well as

Why I like Minecraft as a platform for code/modding:
1. You start from a working game.  Worst case scenario: your mod
sucks, you don't use it, you still have minecraft.

2. You don't need to master (or understand) every video game
development discipline to get started.  The amount of work that goes
into creating a full game can be divided among these lines:  gameplay,
graphics, physics, animation, networking, audio, engine, performance
tuning and asset generation.  (admittedly, this list is an
oversimplification)  To create a game from scratch, I would have to
work in all 8 groups (plus others I may not be aware of).  With a
minecraft mod, I can pick one to tweak, see what happens, then tweak
some more.

3. Minecraft manages to set the bar low, while being really fun.  It
becomes accessible to people like me to make a change to the game
without the change feeling really hacky.  I would not be able to do
this on a higher production value game.

4.  The Minecraft Modding community is fairly friendly to programming
beginners.  They take documentation fairly seriously, as
bad/incomplete/ or inaccurate documentation usually gets at least 1
discussion thread started.  Several of the attendees were able to get
a Bukkit Plugin out in less than a week.

So,  If you want to get involved in the Minecraft modding group, this
Monday is a good time to start coming.

Meeting Thursday 10-27-11

The ACM will be hosting a meeting on 10/27 with Robert Blackwood from Adage Technologies. The topic is TBA.

About Adage Technologies:

Adage is a Chicago web development firm that creates engaging web sites with robust and simple content management that puts you in control of your site.

Location: SEO 1000
Time: 5:30 - 7:00 PM
Food & Drink Will be provided!

Hope to see you there

SIG-FUN LAN Party 10/29

Yes folks, it's about that time again (it's always that time), the LAN Party for this month will be held (officially) on Saturday, October 29th starting at 12PM Noon and going on until Noon the next day.

We will be doing setup BEFORE movie night (We will be watching Nightmare Before Christmas that night) at 4:30PM so please come and help out if you can!

Sign up at and pick a seat! It will be $5 if you register BEFORE NOON the day of, $10 otherwise. So go and register yourself right now!!

Lastly, we need a clean-up committee to help set the rooms back to normal, I would like to do this sometime after the usual food-run that happens around midnight. You all should be able to throw away your own trash, this is more to reorganize the tables

By the way, since is our Halloween LAN Party, costumes are entirely and wholeheartedly encouraged.

Meeting Thurs 5:30 SEO 1000 - Nvidia Engineers Presenting

There will an ACM general meeting this Thursday at 5:30pm in SEO 1000. There will be a presentation by 2 engineers from Nvidia talking about CUDA. Specifically, how to use and integrate the technology effectively into business technologies while avoiding the pitfalls of trying to integrate it where it doesn't belong. As usual, food and drink will be provided.

Walter Dworak
ACM Vice-President

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