First ACM General Meeting

The first ACM general meeting of the year is this Thursday, 9/2/2010, in SEO 1000 at 6:00pm. New and potential members are encouraged to come and find out more about the ACM, its special interest groups, the services we offer, and the events we sponsor. Expect presentations from the individual S.I.G. leaders, UIC Linux Users Group, and the current ACM administration. Food will also be provided courtesy of the ACM and University of Illinois. Meeting are held bi-weekly, on Thursdays, and should return to their normal time of 5:30. The meeting location will remain the same unless otherwise noted on this website or on the acm general mailing list. General event information can be found on the acm calendar page, which is linked to on the right side of this page.

ACM Website Now Online

The main acm server had to be rebuilt due to technical issues, and the main acm website and shell access have been restored. Several links and services are not yet working and should be, hopefully, within a week. The main acm server has also been moved to a new machine and currently members should refrain from using the main server as storage due to limited disk space. Steps have already been taken to add additional storage to the new machine and should also be ready within a weeks time. Further status updates will be posted here on our website and to the acm mailing list (

Tutoring Form

I have written a web form for entering tutoring records via the website (so we don't have to use paper sheets anymore). It takes the tutor & student's netids, fills in their info from the UIC LDAP server, and enters the record in a database. It is currently in a trial run on our test server at Try it out! Let me know if it breaks, and send me any errors you catch. Thanks!

ACM Website content

Walter and I need help getting the new ACM site current before Fall semester. Here's what we need from SIG leaders, ACM officers, and other contributors:

  1. Content added to SIG pages
  2. New pages and info added/suggested - for instance:
  • New members section - info on joining, mailing lists, etc.
  • Editing existing web content for accuracy/consistency
    • a lot of the wiki info that is in the process of being migrated over is out of date - for instance, did anyone else know that we had a snail mail address at Chicago Circle Center? I didn't!
  • ACM office policies
  • More admin access on official ACM (google) calendars
  • Please post thoughts & questions as comments to this post. I don't mind editing pages for people as long as I have the updated info.

    I for one welcome our new Cabinet Creating Overlords.

    All the buttons work, the Trackball and Spinner work. This thing works well with Rampage: World Tour and Donkey Kong. Credit goes to Andrew for the woodwork and Bry for the wiring and Nyssa for consulting. Scott wants credit for moral support. (and to Ramón, Bryan, Dave, Frank, Karen, and Matt for patience).

    SIGs in Summer

    I think all of the SIGs are experiencing erratic schedules and low participation rates at the moment, although I can only officially comment on SIGBUILD.

    SIGBUILD is not actively meeting at present due to a variety of factors. If anyone is interested in meeting, please email me ahead of time and we will plan to work on some project stuff (Thursdays are still good for me).

    Otherwise, we will be ramping it back up in Fall.

    User Posts?

    I was just testing to see if it wouldn't break, but a notice to all users: making a "Story" will show up on the main page. I don't know if it's a new feature, but I will abuse it heavily for the next minute, by which I'm sure to get bored.

    Anyway, to be constructive, everybody remember that despite the summer season, most of the SIG's are still going strong. SIG Web still meets every week (I believe SIG Web is contributing to the changes made to the site), and I have no reason to believe that SIG Game is not meeting weekly either. SIG Build is a different story, but Robert will tell you about that in the next "Story" (yes, I know the future).

    P.S. Where do my pages go?!

    Welcome to the new website!

    Welcome to the new ACM website! Certain parts of the website are still under construction, so don't be alarmed if some things are not working correctly or are currently missing. The new website utilizes an LDAP back-end, so logging in should be done with one's ACM account credentials. Full functionality, as well as all the old website posts, should be done before the start of the fall semester.

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