Scheduled Server Downtime starting May 8, 2015

This Friday and Saturday (May 8-9, 2015), all major infrastructure will be relocated.  All equipment will be powered down and will be unreachable until all the networking & powering issues are resolved.


The following list of domains (plus more) will be affected:


If you have any questions about this, please contact your friendly neighborhood Sysadmin at: sigsysadmin [at]


Chase Lee
LUG President 2015-2016

Congratulations to the new ACM Officers 2015-2016!

Congratulations to these people who were elected to their respective positions for the ACM 2015-2016 term!
President: Emily Austin
Vice President: Allison Channic
Treasurer: Abdulrahman Hussein
Lets give them a big round of applause! I'm sure everyone is looking forward to making ACM even better!
—Super Secret President

Ludum Dare April 17th

Hello! So as you may or may not know, Ludum Dare, a game jam/competition where you're tasked to create a video game in 48 hours, is coming soon. The next one will be from April 17th to April 19th. Just like last year, this year we're going to host Ludum Dare right here at UIC. It will take place in the CS lounge/ACM area, and will approximately last for 48 hours. Keith and I (Sunil) will be hosting it, so please try to come if you're interested. Here is some more information from the Facebook event created by Keith ( -----------------------------------------------------------------

It's that time of the year again: Ludum Dare. LD is a Game Development jam and competition

Ludum Dare is a Game Development "jam" and competition. It is an online event but since it's lonely working alone and difficult to find others to work with, we created this event so everybody can get together and make teams to create something cool!


Starts at 8 PM on Friday the 17th and goes until Sunday night, although the website allows you to submit up until 8 PM on Monday. Please try to arrive at 7:30 PM so we can get things organized and form teams (optional).

Who can come:

Anybody! Even if you've never made a game, anybody can contribute. There are some really simple game engines out there like GameMaker or Scratch which make it possible for anybody to design games.

What you'll need:

Bring any tools you need for your craft; laptops for programmers, instruments for musicians, drawing tablets for artists, etc.


At 7:45 PM we will get everybody together and vote on two ways to make teams:

A) Form your own, walk around and find programmers if you're an artist and vice versa.

B) Tell us what your skills are and we will form balanced teams. Reduces the whole awkward human interaction thing.

Full Rules:

Steam games that started as Ludum Dare games:

SIG Sysadmin First Meeting

SIG Sysadmin will be having its first meeting this upcoming Tuesday February 3rd at 5PM in SELE 2264, the room next to the ACM Office. The meeting agenda will consist of an introduction for new members to the SIG and the workspace in SELE 2264, a hardware demonstration, and collecting feedback for future workshops and presentations. We will also be touching base with continuing members, what they have been working on, and what progress still needs to be made.

Anyone interested in attending is encouraged to look over the SIGs page on the ACM website as well as the information currently documented on the ACM wiki.


Good luck with your semester,

Walter Dworak

ACM SysAdmin

Weekend Server Downtime

This Saturday some major building work is being done in SELE that will knock out power to the north side of the building. While this shouldn't interfere with the CS spaces, as a precaution there will be an equipment power down Friday night in expectation of a possible power outage in the entire building. There will be a placeholder site up with a notice about the building maintenance, but please grab any data you may need beforehand.

-Walter Dworak
ACM SysAdmin

The following domains will be affected and potentially down until Monday:

SIG SysAdmin Meeting Nov 10th 5PM

There will be a SIG SysAdmin meeting today despite what the calendar has been indicating. (The event should be listed again). The meeting will be at 5PM in the IT lab. The agenda will be assigning specific admin roles, any outstanding project setup, and project progress. If you have started a project, please make sure to attend this meeting so progress can be checked all at once.

Walter Dworak

SIG App Update

Hi guys!

I thought I'd take a moment to talk about one of our SIGs. As time goes on, I'll talk to more of our sigs and let you know what they're up to, but seeing as how SIG App met today, we'll start with them.

SIG App has been doing a lot with JS development and has some exciting meetings coming up. So far they've worked with basic JS and a few of the core libraries, useful for front end, back end, and database access development. Today particularly they went over using JS libraries to access Mongo DB (a popular database system). Jeff Gensler (head of SIG App) is doing a lot to help people become webapp developers. Next week, those who have been attending thus far will be giving presentations on libraries they haven't discussed yet. For those of you who are unaware, libraries are add-ons to the language in order to provide functionality not included in the standard release. If you're looking for a single SIG App meeting to go to, this would be a great one! We look forward to what they're doing, and with any grace, the apps they develop by the end of the semester.

SIG App meets Wendnesday at 4:00 PM and is headed by Jeff Gensler.

SIG SysAdmin Meeting 9/22/2014

Meeting reminder that there will be a SIG meeting today at 5:30pm and we will initially be meeting at SEL 2264. We will be doing the guided installation session today so anyone that has not yet gotten their ACM accounts setup will either need to beforehand or message me directly. I will be working around people not having an account for this meeting only, since it will be the first one that requires it.

Walter Dworak

SIG SysAdmin Meeting Update

As promised I have an update for this week since scheduling conflicts prevented us from meeting on Monday. Considering this, and the short notice before the first meeting, I would like anyone still interested in joining the SIG to go the the UIC Linux Users Group meeting tomorrow, 9/18/2014, at 5:30PM. The current room listing is for SEO 1000, but check the event details on their website,, or the calendar event directly,, in case they make any last minute changes.

Also, if you cannot make it and would still wish to join and take part in the guided Linux installation that is planned, please send me an email directly at wdwora2 AT uic DOT edu or join our SIGs mailing list, details here:, and post there.

Walter Dworak
ACM Sysadmin
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