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Active Directory Groups

This page contains a listing of the group in the ACM Active Directory domain used for priviledge granting and details on their purpose.


Group Name Group Description
AcmLanAdmins Full admin access to ACM servers and workstations
ACMPaid Members who have paid for the current year
ACMNotPaid Members who have not yet renewed their yearly membership
ACMDefunctAccount Members who have not paid for over a year
ACMAlumni Alumni members
SIGSysAdmin SIG group for junior admins and access to SIG machines
ACMWebAdmins Full admin to ACM website/webapps
ACMWebMod Moderation level access to ACM website/webapps
ACMVirt Admin to ACM VMs
ACMDHCPAdmins Admin access to MAC address registration
ACMOfficers ACM Officers group, allows access to officers only resources, password changing privileges, and Active Directory account creation privileges
FlourishAdmins Admin for Flourish website
ACMCudaAccess Gives member's account access to CUDA.
ACMCudaAdmins Gives member's account access and administrative privileges to CUDA.

Basic Command Documentation

For the host you can use


and for the user specify it as


ACM Script Command Documentation

This documentation covers the Active Directory group functionality of our wrapper script for domain operations.

  1. SSH into
  2. cd into '/opt/acm-officers/membership'
  3. Run the script “ <groupname>”
  4. Enter your password if prompted (you must run this as your user, NOT root)
  5. The group is now created unless the command outputted errors, copy the errors to show to a sysadmin
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