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Stump the Profs


It is the responsibility of the ACM president to contact the CS faculty to inform them of the date and time of the event.


rules are subject to change at event organizer/professors whim

The game is CS professors versus CS students. Traditionally Grad students don't get to play. The professors and students each prepare questions in advance.

The winner gets a tag with the year on their side of the stump log. the stump log is the gold spray painted


each team presents around 4 or 5 questions at a time (number varies based on display room available and size of questions) after a previously agreed upon timelimit.

rules for questions: the author of a question must be able to present an answer.

last year gary offered a pop for good stump questions


Scoring rules have changed from year to year:
last year teams recieved +1 if the other team answers a question incorrectly.

other years points were awarded for correctly answered questions

scoring is always done in binary


usually sometime in march


FIXME I have no idea who won when, I am pretty sure the stump is in the CS office.

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