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Mac workstations

All Mac workstations have been retired



In system preferences > network, set the workstation to “Using DHCP” and add the mac address to the DHCP server in the format “<sys name> - mac”.


building a base image

fresh install

install a clean install of os x and run system updates only.

Setting up the user

  • Name: MacAdmin
  • Short Name: macadmin
  • password: <put in the common admin password here>


click the apple, go to software update.

install radmind

configure radmind

download 10.5-desktop-negative.T and save it as /var/radmind/client/10.5-desktop-negative.T make this file


p base.T
n 10.5-desktop-negative.T

build base image

sudo fsdiff -C -c sha1 -o /var/radmind/client/base.T /
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