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  • Where: TBA via a caesar cipher 42 minutes before the event.
  • Time: 10 am - whenever
  • Date: 06/05/2010
Name Item
Nikki Grill
Jack Ground meat for burgers
Jack Burger buns
Schristine dessert: Oreo balls
Schristine drinks: lemonade or ice tea
Schristine entertainment equipment: water guns
Schristine medical equipment - bandages, neosporin, and hydrogen peroxide (Just in case someone gets sunburned)
SChristine napkins I can bring a roll or two
SChristine utensils although do not need because all of the food is finger food
SChristine cups I can bring some small clear plastic cups.
SChristine bags I can bring some white trash bags
SChristine chips I don't have chips, but I can bring rosemary crackers
SChristine cards I don't have a deck of cards ):
SChristine surface to play cards on old towel, small table, etc.
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