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FOG Imaging System

FOG Host: Lighthouse

FOG Local IP:


This project is aimed to create an infrastructure to allow us to deploy client systems in a more streamlined manner. Currently, ACM does not have any method to do this other than manually going to each computer and setting it up. For now, only PCs with Windows, Linux, Unix, have been tested. Macs are not imaged in the same way due to their proprietary configuration. (Elaborate later)


  • Researching for solutions
  • Configuring Apache [April 3, 2012]
    • Added default welcome page [] (Accessible only on internal network)
    • Service is not currently set to start at boot for testing purposes.
    • Same for MySQL
  • httpd & mysqld set to start at boot [April 10, 2012]
  • Ubuntu Virtual Machine setup at 8GB of HDD space, nfs mount at /images
    • Finished initial setup of FOG.
    • Customizing some settings
    • Waiting for dhcp changes… Done
    • Issues with passwords…
      • I think it has something to do with authentication across the network.
      • There is some authentication error with Kerberos in Ubuntu.
      • The user “fog” is not seen on the network, therefore the user doesn't exist… however the user is present locally? Need a helping hand for this one…
        • System complains: “User not known to the underlying authentication module”
  • New server setup here:
    • Does not work in with the ext4 filesystem yet!
    • Ask Walter for access.
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