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ACM Arch Linux Repo

What is is?

The ACM custom repo is a local package repository for internal ACM packages. One example being the LXDM themes used by the ACM/LUG workstations. It currently only supports packages with arch type “any”.

The PKGBUILDs and files are stored in a git repo on the ACM system.

Client Side

Arch Linux

Add the mirror to the workstations pacman config


SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server = http://mozart.acm.cs/acm-packages/archlinux/

then sync the repo DB

pacman -Sy

Server Side

Currently the repo is hosted on mozart.acm.cs

The files are located under the standard archlinux http root /srv/http

Clone the repo and build the packages with makepkg. All the current version symlinks should be in place, but double check if you have updated a version.

For more information read the Arch Linux pages on custom repos and PKGBUILDs

Updating A Package

  1. Push updated files to the acm-packages git repo (don't forget to update the PKGBUILD md5sums for the files)
  2. Log into mozart.acm.cs and go to /srv/http/acm-packages
  3. Run “sudo su http -s /bin/bash”
  4. Run “git pull origin master”
  5. Enter a username and password to access the git repo
  6. Navigate to the directory with the updated package
  7. Run “makepkg” to generate the new pkg.tar.gz file
  8. Navigate one directory up to the “archlinux” directory of the repo
  9. Create a symbolic link to the new package file in this directory “ln -s <package_dir>/<package_tar> <package_tar>”
  10. Run “repo-add uicacm.db.tar.gz <package_tar>”
  11. Done
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