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Mozart is the NFS file server, NTP server, and is a backup location for some files on the ACM server. Mozart has a 6 disk, plus one hot spare, Software RAID 6 array with 1TB drives mounted on /export when all the important files are located. There is a directory for /etc/skel, the acm home directories, Chopin files backups, and the photo station pictures. Mozart backs up to the backup directory using local cron script to copy files from Chopin's backup drive. Access is restricted to admins. Mdadm and SMART are configured to email the sysadmin mailing list in the event of a drive/array failure in the /etc/mdadm.conf and /etc/smartd.conf respectively. There is also a web server to host an archlinux package repo for custom ACM packages.


For more information on the NFS and NTP servers go here

For information on managing the raid array

For more information on the smartd daemon

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