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Host: minecraft.acm.cs

This VM was shutdown at the beginning of Fall 2016.

Mod packs must be tested locally before moving to the server


/opt/minecraft-data/minecraft-ramdisk - where the world lives when the world.state is set to “ramdisc”

/srv/minecraft - All the server.jars and mods live in this directory. world is a symlink to /mnt/ramcraft/world. This is where the world is saved when the server is off. and must be updated when the server (minecraft, forge, bukkit) or java version change.

Forge Servers: Move the offical installer into /srv/minecraft and the forge install command for headless servers. It will download and install the correct minecraft server for you. Start the server to get the default configurations and folders

“sudo java -jar forge-version.jar nogui –installServer”

/opt/minecraft-data/minecraft-backup - back up directory

'sudo su minecraft' 'tmux attach-session' (create a tmux session with name being nothing [default], or 0 in order for scripts to work) 'minecraft' - Make sure to be the minecraft user, create a tmux session and run the server. Check to make sure that minecraft is the owner of all the server files and the symlink world

MinecraftAdmin - AD group for server control


/usr/local/sbin/minecraft - run script

control access to mc server console:

Need: cron script for world backups

    cron script for backup cleanup
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