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There are 3 types of lists used by the UICACM, listserv, mailman, and google groups. listserv is hosted at by the university. Google groups is hosted by google as part of UIC's gapps partnership.

We host mailman on

acm OR acm-announce are the lists being referred to when told to sign up to the ACM mailing list


The UIC-ACM has several mailing lists.

To subscribe to these lists, send an email to with the contents “SUBSCRIBE listname FirstName LastName“

To send a message to a list, email

  • acm (higher volume, announcements and discussions)
  • lug

To un-subscribe to these lists, send an email to with the contents “SIGNOFF listname“

Mailman Lists

To subscribe to any of the lists, send a blank email to or visit

  • acm-announce (low volume, announcements only)

see a list of lists here: subscribe either by going to the list web page or sending an email to


Mailman has 4 password types

  • List Creator - Single Password Needed to Create New Lists
  • List Admin - The individual shared admin password for a particular list
  • List Moderator - Shared password that only allows for a smaller subset of admin functions
  • Poster - Require password for posters to list (rare)

Forgotten Mailman Password

Talk to a sysadmin, or email sigsysadmin AT, they should have a up to date list of the passwords for the mailing lists, or can do a reset.

list password reset

cd /usr/lib/mailman/bin
sudo ./change_pw -l list-name

web interface

mailman can be administered from here:

Shell Interface

Admins and ACM Officers should have access to admin the mailing list via the sudo command.

The commands for managing Mailman from the command line are located in


the shell can be used to reset passwords for things

resets sitepassword


add a user to a list, handy if you are not a list admin but have sudo access

echo | sudo /usr/lib/mailman/bin/add_members  -r - acm-announce

Mailman not working

If no posts are going out:

  1. watch /var/log/mail.log and /var/log/maillog. These are the responibility of postfix.
  2. watch /var/lib/mailman/log/* These are the mailman log files

If the mail is being delevired to `/usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman post sigsysadmin` but no email comes out:

systemctl stop mailman
ls -l /var/lib/mailman/locks
rm -rf /var/lib/mailman/locks/*


the acm list is not hosted on, it is hosted at if you need admin access, ask an admin to add you as an admin.

If there are no more admins around, I would email, and ask for it. They might require a faculty member make the request.


by default, everyone joins this list as moderated, meaning they cannot post to the list. if you need to be un-moderated, go to, find your email address, and make sure the mod column is unchecked. You can also select the option to add a sender to the Accept list/remove their mod flag when approving an email that has been blocked for moderator approval.


A private list for ACM's officers. It is open for anyone to email, emails are sent to

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