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ACM Wireless

Make sure your wireless MAC has been registered on the ACM network

This page explains how ACM members, and authorized guests, can setup access to the ACM's internal WiFi network. This network shares similar properties as the LAN network, but is located on a different subnet. If you are trying to add wireless access for an device owned and managed by the ACM, please instead reference to this page as the procedures are not identical.

The ACM CA cert file can be downloaded


Unzip the the file for use.


  1. Select ACM from the list of available networks
  2. Enter your ACM username and password
  3. Accept the CA Certificate
  4. Done


  1. Select PEAP and MSCHAPv2 in the security settings
  2. Anonymous Identity: anonymous
  3. Enter your ACM username and password
  4. Connect

Game Consoles

Many game consoles do not support enterprise authentication methods. As a result, these consoles must use consumer authentication methods. This method still requires you to be registered on the ACM network. These methods have been tested on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

You will need to enter manual WiFi setup on your respective console.

  • Name: ACM-3DS
  • SSID: ACM-Hidden
  • Security: WPA2-PSK (AES)
  • Password: <Please ask a sysadmin, in-person>


For wireless security in network manager

  • Security: WPA&WPA2 Enterprise
  • Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
  • Anonymous identity: anonymous
  • CA certificate: the path the the .crt file you downloaded
  • PEAP Version: Automatic
  • Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • Username: your ACM account name
  • Password: your ACM password

Windows Phone

  1. Select “ACM” from the networks list
  2. Enter your ACM username
  3. Enter your ACM password

It should then connect, although the first time may be slow to authenticate.

Windows 7

Install the Certificate

  1. After you have unzipped the certificate file, double click it to start the Certificate installer
  2. Click next to continue (8/8.1: You may need to click “Open” for the first window and then “Install certificate”)
  3. 8/8.1 users: choose “Current user” and click Next
  4. Select “place all certificates in the following store” and click next (“Browse” for 8/8.1)
  5. Select “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” from the list and select ok
  6. Select next
  7. Finish the certificate installation

Configure the Wireless Profile

  1. Open the Network and Sharing Center; this can be done by right-clicking the Networking icon in the Taskbar and selecting “Open Network and Sharing Center”
  2. Select Manage Wireless Networks (8/8.1: “Set up a new connection or network”)
  3. Click Add (Windows 7) and select Manually create network profile (8/8.1: “Manually connect to a wireless network”)
  4. Network Name: “ACM”
  5. Security Type: WPA2 Enterprise
  6. Encryption Type: AES
  7. Select Start this connection automatically
  8. Click Next
  9. Select change connection settings
  10. Select the Security Tab
  11. Select Settings next to the drop down that says “Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)”
  12. Check Validate server certificate
  13. Select “UIC ACM” from the Certificate list
  14. Click the configure button (8/8.1 users should not need to do this)
  15. Make sure fast reconnect is checked
  16. Uncheck “Automatically use my Windows Login” and click ok (this is in the Configure window for 8/8.1 and should be unchecked by default)
  17. Check “Enable Identity Privacy”
  18. Enter “anonymous” into the text box next to it
  19. Click OK
  20. Select Advanced Settings
  21. In the 802.1X settings tab
  22. Check specify authentication mode
  23. Select User Authentication from the drop down
  24. Select OK

Connect to the wireless network and enter your ACM username and password when prompted

Windows 8/8.1/10

Windows 8 and above should now automatcally detect, download the certificate, and configure your settings automatically. If not, follow the procedures for Windows 7.

  1. Select “ACM” under your WiFi list.
  2. Type in your ACM Username and Password.
  3. Press Connect.


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