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New SIGs


When starting a SIG, we expect:

  1. You should have concrete goals for your SIG, and a timeframe for hitting them
    1. Even if that goal is just “learn X” or “talk about Y”, try to find a target of some kind
  2. Your SIG should meet at least once every two weeks
  3. You should be prepared to run your SIG for at least a full academic year

How to create a new SIG

  1. Get a bunch of people together to show that people are interested in your proposed SIG.
    1. At least 4, but the more the better
  2. Talk to an ACM officer about starting the SIG
  3. Write a proposal document and email it to the officers' mailing list. Include the following information:
    1. Goals and milestones for the next year
    2. A plan for your first few meetings
    3. What resources you want to request from the ACM
  4. Bring the topic of starting a new SIG up at the next ACM or ACM council meeting, after completing the previous steps
  5. Once you get your SIG approved, get SIG leader level access to ACM systems and services
  6. Have the webmaster add your SIG's page on the website to the official active SIGs list, and have a Slack admin create a channel for your SIG
  7. Put together a presentation of no more than 2 PowerPoint slides, and present them at the next GBM

National SIGs

Currently, none of our SIGs are formal chapters of the national ACM-SIGs. The full list of ACM-SIGs can be found here. The process of becoming an ACM-SIG chapter is significantly more involved, and involves registering as a separate financial entity. It's probably more trouble than it's worth. Still, let an officer know if you're interested.

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