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This system provides an easy way to push and pull a config from a repo. Most machines should be able to use a common etc repo. Evaluate a good organization strategy that takes role divergence into account. If the machine services will not remain the same then they should not be grouped. A good group to start with is the workstations. Under an etckeeper setup minor config updates can be pushed automatically to the machines without a full image clone and deploy. Admin access to Gitlab will likely be needed, try to use registered hooks and tokens instead of username/password combos for connecting to git. we should be able to have a common shared project without needed some kind of “local user” for auth.

install stuff

sudo apt-get install etckeeper git-core

configure etckeeper

comment out VCS=“bzr”, uncomment VCS=“git”


# The VCS to use.
# VCS="hg"
# VCS="bzr"
# VCS="darcs"
after that, the defaults are fine

initialize etckeeper

sudo etckeeper init
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