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Project canceled as Gitlab 8.0 added a CI server to its default feature set so there is currently no point putting effort into another CI server right now since, at time of writing, we still need to migrate from Gitlab 7→8

A Continuous Integration Server, or CI Server, allows for the automatic building and analysis of projects being worked on by a group or individual. Builds can be hooked right into Git pushes to a branch, run on a set schedule, or even just done manually. Currently Jenkins, with its wide array of plugins adding additional features, is the natural choice for a general purpose CI server. One major limitation of Jenkins is the web interface in not exactly the cleanest and there is a high overhead to setting up a hosted instance (plugin installation and configuration for example). Research into UI plugins will be needed to improve the ease of use of the system in all likelihood.

Here is the current compiled list of known needed extra features:

  • LDAP/Active Directory Authentication
  • EMMA plugins for code coverage
  • Wiki Instance
  • Gitlab integration
  • Github Integration
  • General Git Integration
  • ClamAV
  • Mercurial Integration
  • IRC Integration
  • Apache Ant Support
  • Bulk Builds
  • Cmake Support
  • Misc Support for Varius Programming Languages
  • Mobile and Wed Dev Support



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