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This machine acts as the gateway router and firewall for the ACM Network. It has 2 1Gig copper WAN lines out to the UIC/CS network and 2 10Gig SFP fiber lines for the LAN network(s).

WAN Interfaces

Interface Hostname Host Notes
wmac0 dvorak.acm.cs LAN Gateway
wmac1 (lug/acm.eecs/swe) chopin.acm.cs
wmac2 hans.acm.cs
wmac3 brink.acm.cs
wmac4 cuda.acm.cs
wmac5 medusa.acm.cs
wmac6 dvorak.acm.cs
wmac7 dvorak.acm.cs

How to setup a WAN interface

If for some reason the MAC address is not registered with the UIC DHCP server for the desired hostname, you must contact UIC CS Support to register the address you wish to use. Otherwise, collect the MAC address registered for that hostname from the config book in the server room. Adding the interface and activating it is then as simple putting the MAC address into the example config below, picking a network device name, and activating it with the netctl command.


Description='Virtual LAN with a static MAC on interface wmac0 using DHCP'

Afterwards, proceed to the firewall page to configure routing and the firewall.

If you Restarted the Server...

  1. Don't do it again.
  2. Reacquire IP addresses from DHCP with: sudo dhcpcd -t 0 -4 wmac1.
  3. DO NOT do it again.
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