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Public IP and Host List

Public IP UIC DHCP IP Public Host Name Local Host Name LAN IP SSL Certificate acm.cs.uic.edu1 chopin Multi-Domain apple3 Yes Floating5 Floating5 Yes Floating5 Floating5 Yes hans Yes brink Yes Floating5 Floating5 Yes ackem Yes cuda No Floating5 Floating5 Yes wics.cs.uic.edu4 NA NA NA
Requested Requested (Nov 2016) littlebell NA
Requested Requested NA No
Requested Requested NA No Floating5 Floating5 Yes Floating5 Floating5 Yes Floating5 Floating5 Yes

1. The acm server has other hostnames for its ip. Apache needs to have vhosts for most of them

  • - Old hostname
  • - UIC LUG site
  • - Used to host there site, now just redirects to the current one via HTTP server config
  • - Flourish! Conference website

2. Medusa is the monitor wall cluster head node.

3. Apple's external interface is using a dedicated ethernet adapter, so that every other server can go down, before losing access to this host.

4. Although has a server located in our server rack, there is not connection between the main ACM network and the WiCS server. This server is managed independently by the WiCS Webmaster.

5. Floating - This indicates that the outward facing IP address traffic will be dynamically re-routed to multiple internal IPs throughout the year. This is largely based on projects running throughout the semester.

Adding new Public IPs

For setup information for newly provisioned servers that need a public interface, please reference Dvorak's WAN interface setup.

Requesting new Public IPs

When you would like to request new public IPs, you must contact the CS contact for any change requests in regards to DNS.

Since our MACs are virtually assigned, they must follow valid checksum standards. A script to generate these type of mac addresses is located at `/usr/local/bin/new-rand-mac-addr` on Chopin.

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