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General Body Meeting: 1/19/2012 5:30-6:30p.m.
Hello, everyone! I hope that you all are finding the Spring Semester pleasant and the snow ever so delightful! Here are the Meeting Minutes for ACM's second General Body Meeting of the semester.

Ice Cream Social
ACM will host an Ice Cream Social with WICS (Women in Computer Science) so the guys and girls of Computer Science can mingle. The location will be in the CS Lounge and there will be treats for all so be sure to stop by. If anyone has any ideas for games (especially activities for our non-video gamers) please email Stephen at sliang6@uic.edu.
Date and time of the event will be posted shortly.


-There will be an ACM Meeting on January 30th that will consist of a talk from Ethic Systems.
-ACM will host a General Body Meeting on February 2nd which will consist of a talk from a Chief Technology Officer from Orbitz.
-This semester's LAN Party will be held on February 18th. If you plan on attending and have not signed up yet, you can find the link here: ACM LAN Party
-On February 16th, Google will come and talk in the Cardinal Room in Student Center East. This will definitely be an event that you do not want to miss!
Speaking of something that you do not want to miss...

Flourish is coming up this March!!!

As you all know, Flourish is back for its 6th year! This year we are expecting an even greater turnout than that of the previous years and in order to make this event amazing a great deal of help is still needed. If you would like to volunteer, there is a meeting at 5:30 p.m. this Wednesday in SEL 2260. In conjunction with that, email info@flourishconf.com, to get even more information about how to be a Flourish 2012 Volunteer. Also, visit the Flourish 2012 site here for more information about the event: Flourish 2012 Website.

Best Wishes!

Ashley Riley
Secretary of ACM