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Have you ever wanted to code your android phone, but maybe you didn't know where to start or who to talk to? Well SIG-Android is here with me, Lukasz Stempniewicz, who will be introducing people to programming with android! We will start from the very beginning and move on from there. This is my first time doing this so I'm not sure exactly how fast everyone will catch onto things, maybe everyone who comes has already programmed android and just wants to explore new features of the newest firmware? Who knows? If the group wants to go in a different direction later on and learn something else we can do that, or we may have a competition of some sort. I have planned the first 7 meetups already.

My Email:

The Plan: Sig-Android will start during the second week of school

Time: Tuesdays 4-5pm

Location : Mac Labs - CS Labs

Color Key

◖-Original Topic  ◖-Added Topic ◖-What was actually done

Week & Date


1 - January 13

First week – No meetup

2 - January 20


Meetup #1 – Downloading/Installing software

                    Finished topic, & finished creating virtual devices/created our first app, stuck on debugging physical devices

3 - January 27



Meetup #2 – Double checking that people are able to debug on their physical devices

                    Using Android Studio/Key Concepts/Android Manifest

                    Finished Topic partially, Key Concept explored was the Activity. 


4 - February 3


Meetup #3 – Buttons! Event Handlers! Interactivity woo!

                    Learning XML

                    Finished Topic


5 - February 10


Meetup #4 – Review first 3 meetups so everyone is set up with the basics

                     Original topics moved over one week

                     Finished Review


6 - February 17


Meetup #5 – Creating multiple activities & firing off intents

                      !!! INITIAL CREATION of Android Started Kit !!!

                      Looked into creating the ListView for the Android starter,

                      although there were a lot of technical issues,

                      so no recording avaiable sorry

                      >Topics are moved over one more week


7 - February 24


Meetup #6 -  !!! INITIAL CREATION of Android Started Kit !!!

                       Did not do the intended topic, instead we looked over more event Handling


8 - March 3


Meetup #[] - CANCELED - 

will not be doing android starter kit,

instead we will create the activities seperatly within their own app

9 - March 10


Meetup #7 – touch & multi-touch

                      Went over single-touch mostly, and have now decided to shift the sig-android focus 

                      into making a quiz-like app! Please give me your opinion on which category/theme we

                      want the questions to be about on 




10 - March 17


Meetup #8 - Group Project Skeleton

                     Talked about group project

11 - March 24


Spring break


12 - March 31


Meetup #9 - Group Project Discussion

Rest of the semester

Sig-UX collaboaration

and working on SAQA(Sig-android quiz app)



 If you have a CS account and we use the mac labs, you will be able to download and install Android Studio on the macs, otherwise PLEASE bring your own latop & android phone or tablet.



I might have some extra android devices to develop on.

Files pertaining to the meetups are contained in the link below incase you aren't able to make it Cry


Link to Sig-Android Files