SIG Compete



Weekday: Monday

Time: 5:30PM

Location: Linux Lab, SELE 2264


Who are we?

Special Interest Group for competitive programming Focusing on growing timed coding challenges Competing in ACM’s ICPC (contact us if you want to join or want to learn more about the competition)

What to expect

Coding against each other with various challenges (i.e. Codewars, Hackerrank, Project Euler, etc) Will also cover questions from Cracking the Coding Interview Expect to do many challenges each meeting by yourself and also in groups Skill level: Beginner to Expert (but we will move fast)

When we meet

Currently, we are aiming for Wednesday around 5 PM - 6 PM. Please email either one of us if you want to join but the time doesn’t work. Will meet in ACM, but will move if many students attend



  • Timothy Choh


Email Us:


Additional Resources

To be announced.