Reflections Projections Update

Hi everyone, 

with R|P coming up in about a month, we need to start getting a more definite tally of how many people are going. The goal is 60 definite people, but we need an accurate count ASAP. This is a brand new form so even if you filled the one before out, please redo it again this time. The old one was for budget purposes, this one is the definite list of people going. 
The deadline for this confirmation is ON SEPTEMBER 13, so please fill this form out as soon as you read this. If you aren't on this list by that time, then you won't be able to ride down or stay in the hotels with us (but you can still go if you have your own means of transportation and a place to stay).
So again, please fill this out IMMEDIATELY, it is only 4 simple questions. Here is the link:
Remember, the date for the conference is October 11th through 13th. Any questions please feel free to contact me.
Tom Phillips