An important message from your President

I found out tonight that Sean had to clean up the area alone and that it took him a few hours to do so...

I'm in the office right now and looking around he did a very good job cleaning up, and it takes about 15 minutes to do with a handful of people splitting the work up. That being said, let me point out some things that I see. A few people left a lot of their belongings here, bags, laptops, hat, food/candy, etc. ACM trash cans are spilling over and no one bothered to put them out into the hallway so the janitorial staff can take care of it. They say they don't have keys to our office, I don't want to bother arguing over whether that is true or not so if you see the cans full, please place them into the hallway.

One thing that is definitely NOT okay is how this projector screen is sitting in the middle of the tunnel. I know the small group that set it up wanted to test stuff out and use it for LAN party stuff but leaving it here for Nick to find in the morning is unacceptable. ACM has a spoken understanding with him that we can have access to the areas we need when they are supposed to be closed as long as things are put back how they are supposed to be when the weekend is over. That means trash is picked up, everything is placed back as it should be, and no projector screens blocking the pathway, I don't care if the screen is up for people to walk under, it is still in the way. So whenever a few people get here in the morning (including someone with IT Lab access), please take it down and put it back, thanks.

I don't know how bad the mess was for Sean to clean up tonight, or when people left that SHOULD HAVE HELPED CLEAN, but we need to have a time sometime during LAN parties where people all stop and just clean up, at least a little bit. You all know I try to be laid back when it comes to these things, I even forget about a soda can here and there, but I do try my best to keep the area clean and really hate preaching about how that should never become an issue. I'm not making threats, but when there is an issue at ACM, the President, along with the other officers, is the one who has to answer for it. I don't want to be the one who has to deliver the news about how we can't host LAN parties anymore because a little bit of negligence upset the wrong departmental people and thus we are being punished for it. So do me a favor, do yourselves a favor, and do the ACM a favor and let's not let this happen again.

That all being said, I hope everyone had a good time. I enjoyed myself for the while that I was there, and a special thanks to Tom Sakkos for ordering pizza for everyone who came (I also heard he gave a prize to Alex for beating everyone on The Ship).

As usual, any issues/concerns, feel free to talk to me, my metaphorical door is always open for you guys.
Tom Phillips