Finals Week Update

Hey everyone, hope your finals week started off well. I heard CS 450 was today, hopefully you all survived.

Just wanted to give an update for ACM really fast. It being finals week means it is very stressful for everyone. I was asked to write an email reminding everyone to try and tone it down in terms of loudness and playing games in ACM, I should have sent this sooner but to be honest it slipped my mind. I know many of you use our workstations to play League as well as to do work because you do not have your own laptop to do so, and normally it isn't an issue but the officers would like to keep those computers open for people who need to study. I also ask that if you guys feel the need to play, take it out of ACM and try to be quiet. So for this week let's just go ahead and throw a no gaming policy in ACM (specifically, workstations need to be open unless they are being used productively) and let's keep the noise to a minimum. I know it kind of sucks but we can all hold out for a few days and spend that time making sure we do well on our finals.
Secondly, with winter break around the corner, if you have stuff or food in the ACM please make sure you take care of it by THURSDAY. We want to try and get the office floor cleaned up over break and clean in general, which means any stuff that isn't ACM's is going in the garbage. You have been warned :)
Thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck this week everyone!
As usual, questions/comments/concerns, feel free to talk to me. 
Tom Phillips