kCura Infosession and Office Tour

On February 20th there will be an ACM meeting at the offices of kCura in downtown Chicago. The exact agenda for the meeting is still being worked out but it will go roughly as follows:

  • the buses leave UIC around 5:15 pm
  • arrive at kCura and they'll show us around their offices
  • around 6:00 there will be some form of presentation by some combination of the CEO, a department head, and software developers on staff (this will likely be in the form of a panel disscussion) depending on who is available
  • and finally there will be free pizza and chances to talk one on one with members of their staff after the presentations. Bringing a resume is probably a good idea.
The bus back to UIC would be leaving sometime around 7:30 or 7:45.

Because kCura is providing us with transport we need to give them a head count of who is coming so they can sort out the buses. Therefore I need anyone who wants to come to fill out this form by 12:00pm Friday January 31. If you are not signed up you are likely not going to be able to come.

There will be emails later about some more specifics like where to meet for the buses, and a better idea of the agenda for the evening but that is all for now. If you have any other questions feel free to ask you can email me at aphelp6@uic.edu

Anthony Phelps
ACM Vice-Chairman