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SIG SysAdmin

For general information about the SIG, please visit the SIG's web-page.

Getting Started

Here is a list of beginner tasks that new SIG members should complete before or soon after their first SIG meeting. The Linux guides should give new members without prior experience a good walk through of the base knowledge they will need to build upon to do more advanced work. Everyone who wishes to contribute MUST at least sign up the email of their choosing to the SysAdmin mailing list. This list will be used as the primary means of collaborative communication between SIG members about current and planned work as well as the central contract point for automatically generated service emails.

  1. Join the SysAdmin Mailing list
  2. Explore the Wiki and ACM website
  3. Get your ACM account added to the SIGSysAdmin AD Group
  4. Log into Kanboard and confirm access to group projects (should be automatic when added to AD group)
  5. Log into Gitlab, if you have not already, and get added to the SIG group in Gitlab

Project Incubator


This is a list of miscellaneous projects and tasks that are meant to expand and improve ACM systems and services or to promote individual interests in computer systems, but currently exist only has initial ideas thus the incubator. Individual projects get their own pages with descriptions of the task, purpose, possibly prior progress made, and research done. If such a page does not exist yet for a project or task then login and make one, just remember to keep the project or tasks page on the wiki updated and linked to any other relevant wiki pages. Follow the link format of the previously created pages when making new project pages here so that they are in the proper wiki namespace.

How to get Involved in a Project

When an individual wants to pick up a project from the incubator they should:

  1. Read over the current project notes and start looking at any specific documentation pointed out
  2. Start a discussion on the mailing list about picking up the task, you will likely also have some questions or there may be some additional notes for the admin to make.
  3. After getting cleared by an admin, start organizing the project into Kanboard tasks as noted below
  4. Don't be shy, if you get stuck ask for help either on the mailing list, at a SIG meeting, or via Kanboard.

For projects that currently have members:

  1. Read over what they currently have on their projects page
  2. Talk to the current members about how to get involved/what help they need (keep in mind, a project might not be in a state where they can easily take on new members)
  3. Work on the project :D

Projects that are then active should now be turned flushed out into tasks and managed in Kanboard, and should then have a note added next to their entry. Don't forget that any resulting project documentation should still end up on the wiki. When the project is completed, the project page should be 'renamed' into the 'projects_done' namespace and its project page updated with the results and findings. Projects that are dissolved should be moved into the 'projects_dead' namespace and include an explanation on the project page for historic reasons.

Disk Quotas

Zoneminder Deployment

Redundant ISC DHCP

Print Server

Monitor Wall Cluster Build Up - Has Kanboard Project




Items here are usually too small for warrant an entire project or are fully describable in just one line

  • Move SSH shell access for '' to dedicated VM
  • Enable STP ONLY on switch ports that go to other switches (I think I did this? -Walter)

Completed Project Pages

Dead Project Pages


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