Degraded Service - 2/26/2016 - [Resolved]

SysAdmins are currently looking into an issue causing ACM services not to authenticate correctly.  We are currently looking into the issue and will announce more information via the website once we know more.


Current known issues:

  • Workstations cannot authenticate
  • cannot authenticate AD users

If you see something broken, please report it to the systems mailing list:


Thanks you for your patience,

Chase Lee


Update #1 - This issue was caused by a malfunction in the cooling unit.  Engineers have been dispatched to remedy the issue.  Some servers automatically shutoff due to ambient heat.

Update #2 - Cooling unit is back up. Servers have been restarted.  Sysadmins will continue to monitor the situation for the rest of the day.

Server Maintenance Concluded

Update: All outstanding problems have been solved

Unfortunately this round of maintenance had some issues spark up on us and our window of instability was longer than we would have liked, but all services should be functioning normally at this point.

There are a couple exceptions:

  • ACM Mumble is currently down due to issues with it connecting to backend authentication
  • is currently inaccessible as the host virtual machine did not start up correctly
  • is currently inaccessible as the VM hosting the beta for an updated website also failed to startup correctly

That said, there are things we may have missed while we put out the big fires. So, if you see something broken, please report it to the systems mailing list


Thanks for the Patience,


Server Maintenance Notice, Downtime between 5:30PM and 6:30PM today

The Sysadmin group will be finalizing some software updates during our meeting today between 5:30PM and 6:30PM. During this time various services hosted by the UIC ACM will go down as we begin our work. We will send follow up mail if difficulties are encountered that might extend downtime and when services have been restored.


Gitlab Public Access FIXED!

The public access to the ACM Gitlab instance located at has been fixed and should now be accessable through normal means. Please report any further issues to webmasters AT

Gitlab Public Access Offline

Due to an unknown problem with our web hosting setup, the Gitlab web interface and repos are currently not accessable via We are working on steps to resolve the issue, but in the mean time you will be unable to push or pull from our git server. The Git reposiatories themselves are unaffected by this issue so any data on our system will be there when access is restored. Sorry for any inconveince this has caused.

Intermittent Internet Connectivity - Fall 2015

It has come to the attention to the ACM/LUG System Administrators that the internet connection seems to drop randomly. In general, the service interruption lasts for only a few minutes. We are currently looking into the issue, but as of yet, we do not have any evidence as to why this actually happens. This issue is difficult to debug due to the fact that it does not appear to happen at any set intervals. The System Administrators will continue to look into the issue, however we do not currently have an estimate as to when this issue will be resolved. We will attempt some infrastructure changes over the next few months in order to mitigate the occurrence of these outages. We apologize for any inconvienences these outages may have caused.

Affected Servers:

  • ACM/LUG Workstations
  • Most servers on internal IP ranges

Affected Services:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Wifi Internet Connectivity
  • VOIP Phone
  • Websites

If you have any questions about this, please contact your friendly neighborhood Sysadmins at: sigsysadmin [at]



Chase Lee
LUG President 2015-2016
ACM/LUG System Administrator

Ongoing Unscheduled Server Downtime September 10, 2015

On September 10, 2015, system administrators were notified of a server issue. Initial investigations lead to an unknown hardware failure. We are currently still investigating the issue.

Affected Servers:

  • deepspace-k7

Affected Services:

  • Gitlab
  • FOG (Imaging System)
  • Virtual Machine Hosts on deepspace-k7
  • Secondary File Server
  • Directory Services

We do not currently have an ETA of when this issue will be resolved.  More information will be updated here as we learn more.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your friendly neighborhood Sysadmins at: sigsysadmin [at]


Update #1: Hard drive swapped out. Awaiting for replacement drive.



Chase Lee
LUG President 2015-2016
ACM/LUG System Administrator

ACM LAN Party September 12

The first ACM LAN Party will be this Saturday, September 12th in the CS lounge (SELE 2260).

​What's a LAN party: Super awesome fun time where gamers just sit together and play video games (and a few board and card games) and eat.

What to bring: Your lovely selves, your gaming machine(s), controllers, other accessories, and any games you would like to play (including board and card games). The ACM WILL NOT provide gaming machines!

Time: Set-up begins at 12:00pm, first game starts at 1:00pm.

Cost: This event is completely free

Who: Anyone can come, including non ACM members and alumni. Those not affiliated with UIC can also come, but must be accompanied at all times with someone who is UIC affiliated.

Games: No official game listing, play whatever you want with whoever you want, whenever you want. Here are just a few of the games we typically play or have played in the past:
Civ V
Team Fortress 2
League of Legends
Super Smash Bros.
Mortal Kombat
The Ship

Tournaments: Due to the last minute nature of this event, there will be no "official" gaming tournaments, however, those who come are free to organize tournaments or mass-gaming events as they please (including and especially Artemis and Civ V).

How to sign-up: RSVP isn't required, but please fill out the following form to help us get a better idea of attendance and what games people want to play.​


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